The GEO-METRIK AG group of companies

GEO-METRIK AG combines the competences of its engineering and service companies in a modern form as a holding company by coordinating and deploying the competences of all the individual companies to meet the task in hand.

GEO-METRIK AG has developed from a regional service provider in the field of surveying to become a world-class partner for innovative engineering services, surveying, geodata management and consulting with national and international networks.

GEO-METRIK AG’s strategic management guarantees its customers sophisticated communications systems, rigorous financial control and financial management as well as contract certainty and a sustained market presence thanks to the extensive technical expertise of its highly experienced workforce of 160 employees.

GEO-METRIK AG executes large scale projects acting as a highly efficient combination of companies on an interdisciplinary basis in which the technical expertise of the individual companies is efficiently coordinated for the benefit of our customers with resources brought into the group as required.