Civil engineering structures

Civil engineering structures

Our name speaks for itself. The engineering companies in the GEO-METRIK AG group of companies have wide-ranging expertise with references from prestigious companies, as can be seen from the extensive range of surveys we have carried out as part of the management of the most diverse of construction projects.

During all phases of construction our experienced engineers ensure that the project is implemented professionally and that all components of a structure or structures are clearly cross-referenced to each other. We employ the latest methods and measurement systems in the most efficient way thanks to our in-depth knowledge of traditional measuring methods.

This applies particularly to check and monitoring measurements where our core activities comprise periodic check measurements on structures such as dams, pumped storage power stations, tunnels or bridges. Monitoring measurements in the coal mining and other sectors of industry round off this part of our range of services.

In addition, we can offer industrial surveying services for the installation of machines and plants.


  • New stretch of track Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle for Unstruttal bridge, surveying services for construction monitoring - length: 2670 m
  • A4 motorway, new construction of the Böbertal bridge, Nesseltal bridge and Hörseltal bridge, surveying during construction for construction engineering and steelwork measurements, and settlement and deformation measurements
  • Sotschi (Russia), combined motorway and railway line from Adler to  “Alpika-Service”, survey of the civil engineering structures for construction monitoring
  • B 50 n, new construction Hochmoselübergang at Zeitlingen/Ürzig, surveying during construction for the construction engineering, steelwork, earthworks, settlement and deformation measurements
  • B 246 a Schönebeck bypass planning section 3 - Elbe construction, survey point, survey for construction monitoring
  • Magdeburg , construction survey of the Stern bridge over the Elbe
  • Leipzig, Antonien bridge, replacement bridge, initial survey
  • Magdeburg, water bridge, trough bridge - Midland canal over the Elbe, surveying during construction