Aerial surveys

Aerial surveys

We offer our customers services ranging from the planning of survey flights to aerotriangulation and ground control point work to field comparison and photogrammetric evaluation with data processing for the most diverse of target systems.

Since 2011 we have had at our disposal several drones/UAVs which enable us to take and evaluate low altitude aerial photographs ourselves. Thanks to the high image resolution available even small details can be documented with precision. Because of the high degree of flexibility afforded by the use of this technology, we can start surveying at short notice directly at the site to be surveyed. This technology now makes it possible to exploit the advantages of photogrammetry even for objects which it had not been economical to survey in the past.

Modern photogrammetric methods and means of evaluation for terrestrial and digital aerial surveys have been part of the range of services we offer for many years.

Thanks to our extensive experience in this area as outlined above we can also undertake the complete project management of photogrammetric services.


  • Digital map of federal waterways 1:2000, Rhine, km 519.7 - 549.8, survey flight, ground control point work, photogrammetric evaluation, field comparison, CAD processing
  • BAB 66 Schierstein motorway junction - Erbenheim junction and BAB 671 Amöneburger Kreisel, survey flight, ground control point work, photogrammetric evaluation, digital terrain model, field comparison, CAD processing, delivery in the VESTRA system and production of orthophotos
  • Regional office for the preservation of historic monuments and archaeology, Saxony-Anhalt , aerial photographic overviews of a wide range of archaeological excavations - Downloas: Case Study
  • Aland- and Wrechow-Polder, monitoring, documentation of flood plains
  • New development area – Zwickau penal institution – approx. 40 ha – drone photo flights followed by a quantity survey