Surveys of water bodies

Surveys of water bodies

Our company has been actively engaged in surveying water bodies since 1991. We carry out surveys of flowing and still bodies of water. The full range of our in-house equipment can be used throughout Germany.

Apart from surveys of rivers such as the Spree, Saale, Elbe, Lech, Isar, Mulde and Dahme, our services also include surveys of water bodies such as reservoirs created by dams, and man-made lakes created by excavations for quarries and gravel.

We can also survey weirs and equipment installed in water bodies with this equipment.

Our customers include pipeline operators, engineering companies, waterways authorities and construction companies.

Surveys of water bodies are used for covering cables and pipes and for drawing up as-built documentation. They serve as a basis for hydrostatic calculations and for extensive tests of water bodies for creating digital terrain models.

Our two frequency echo sounding device enables us to collect data about the soil properties (layers of mud) and the depths of the waters in the water bodies.

This data can be converted into and supplied in all CAD systems. Various systems are used in our company including Geograf, Card 1, Microstation and Autocad.


  • Main levelling surveys of waterways, River Elbe, river kilometres 290 - 420
  • Waterbody profile of the Parthe - km 21+400 to 56+550, waterbody profile of the Lossa - km 1+270 to 21+700 as-built survey, cross profile generation for comparison with the recording made in 2003
  • Flood water protection scheme devised by the state of Saxony Anhalt, water body survey Uchte-Biese-Aland
  • Rerouting of the Weißer Schöps river at the open-cast mine in Reichwalde (VATTENFALL), complete initial, construction and as-built survey
  • Free State of Bavaria, identification and assessment of flood plains
  • Dresden and Pirna, flood water protection measures on the Elbe, initial survey, as-built drawings and profiles