Road building

Road building

Road building as a traditional field of surveying is one of our core activities as can be seen from our extensive references for this service.

Our expertise in this field was acquired by our participation from 1991 in the transport projects carried out under the German Unity initiative.

And we intend to build on this expertise in view of Germany’s role as a communication hub in an expanded Europe and the associated investments in the infrastructure this will attract.

We offer our customers a wide range of services for both road and rail construction projects ranging from initial surveys to construction surveying including construction supervision up to billing and the concluding as-built documentation, using the latest technologies, processes and systems as well our specialised know-how.

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  • BAB 14 motorway (Magdeburg-Halle, overall length: 100 km) initial survey, construction survey and as-built documentation
  • Federal motorway BAB 4, AS Jena-Göschwitz junction – AK Hermsdorf motorway intersection, extension km 165.8 – km 171.9, preparation of as-built documents
  • A-road B 87, central circular - Max-Liebermann-Strasse , Leipzig - inner city arterial road, staking-out during construction, as-built documentation and documentation of all media laid
  • Official planning section Lüneburg PFA II / Preliminary design VE 03 Winsen, three-track expansion – surveying support during construction
  • Enlarged road section ABS III Oldenburg - Wilhelmshaven, general construction - surveying support during construction, fixed point grid, staking-out work for railway construction, as-built documentation
  • Line section Magdeburg - Halberstadt - surveying work during construction, as-built surveying documentation
  • Gaschwitz - Böhlen, 3rd construction stage, Markkleeberg - Gaschwitz - surveying support during construction, as-built documentation
  • Rerouting of traffic on A-road B 243 to the west of Bad Lauterberg – quantity determinations according to the REB calculation method
  • A-road B 91 Theissen bypass, DEGES surveying office (German private limited company specialising in the planning and construction of trunk roads in unified Germany)
  • A-road B 88, Altendorf / Schöps hub, Rothenstein hub and Rothenstein bypass, construction and control surveying
  • New construction of the federal motorway BAB A 72, section 5.1, AS Borna Nord junction to AS Rötha junction – 10 km – motorway extension – staking out and control surveying (building contractor performance)
  • A-road B 6n North Harz motorway, planning section PA13-14.1, approx. 15 km as-built documentation in an OKSTRA format (unified IT standard for specifying road and transportation systems in the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • A-road B 6n North Harz motorway, construction supervision - surveying support services for 5 structures
  • Zierenberg Tunnel, ballastless IVES construction, aligning tracks
  • New railway line (NBS) Erfurt – Leipzig/Halle (German Unification Transport Project VDE 8.2), ballastless Porr construction, alignment of tracks
  • Israel, Akko-Carmiel Line + Herzelya- Kfar Saba Line + Haifa- Bet She’an Line, construction of tracks and railway switches (railway track and tunnels)