Nature & environment

Nature & environment

BIANCON GmbH has an expert team of qualified biologists, geographers, agriculturists and horticulturists to handle complex areas of work in landscape planning.

Their high level of technical expertise in their respective specialist fields will ensure the successful implementation of your project.

A range of state of the art software with GIS, CAD and database applications ensures that the quality of the end products will fully meet your expectations.

Monitoring landscape planning projects

  • Environmental compatibility studies
  • FFH compatibility investigations
  • Landscape conservation support plans
  • Green area plans
  • Technical papers on landscape conservation etc.

Site and implementation planning

  • Landscape conservation implementation plans
  • Plans for creation of green areas
  • Playground design, renovation of ponds etc.

Construction monitoring

  • Monitoring construction/supervising landscape conservation projects and measures

Expert reports

  • Floristic, vegetation and faunistic investigations

Nature conservation management

  • Maintenance and development plans for nature reserves, FFH management plans

Reports on trees

  • Vitality tests, duty of care, expert opinion on the value of woodlands